Lambda Labs: A Retrospective

  • Our general UI
  • The upload page in order to accept and send PDFs to the backend
  • A dashboard to search and analyze the outcomes

Technical Section

The User Experience

We settled on using Ant Design for our design library. We felt it had the best balance of professional design and feature-set. But when looking for our design vision, the non-profit organization gave us plenty of room to use our imagination, but they did specify a few things:

  • Mobile use was going to be used sparingly
  • They wanted the coloring to resemble the New York Mets
  • Ease of use was very important to them

The Upload Page

The upload page presented a unique challenge. We needed to figure out a way that we can we create a functional page that can manage multiple, large PDF and/or CSV uploads. Ant Design to the rescue. This simple bit of code helped set up the general UI setting up their out-of-the-box table.

  • Multiple file uploads
  • Our HTTP request location
  • Set stages and change the status for when a file is uploading, finished or errors out

The Dashboard

When discussing our dashboard, we wanted to create options in order to allow for search for specific judge names, sort through cases by each case’s unique ID, preview and download PDF files and export the data as a CSV. Ant Design has a table component so that was able to give us a solid base in order to accomplish this. With a little out of the box customization, we can add in-table search with props.

What’s Next

As a team, our biggest technical challenge was presumed to be the data science process of intaking a new pdf, scanning that to plain text and sending that back in an organized way. This continues to be a hurdle, but we’re excited about the progress we’ve made and what it can look like with more than a couple weeks to work on it.



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